Boohoo at Yahoo?

Hypebot links a NYTimes blog that claims YahooMusic is entering the throes of restructuring: 

 “People briefed on the changes say Mr. Broady was asked to shrink his staff and that 80 to 100 people from Yahoo Music and other areas were reassigned…”

Yahoo was one of the first music browsing sites I can remember on the Internet.  It’s sad to think we could be losing the old crew…

Gerd’s blog links to an interesting article on “internet obsolescence”.  Anyone remember Friendster?  It was replaced by Myspace…which may be replaced by Secondlife or Facebook…who knows?  My point is that like so many other virtual malls, Yahoo must either connect to the bell curve of demand or be banished to the fringes.  Where does one go to find that magic fashion spot that every virtual artist wants to be in? 

I remember Jane Healy’s book “Endangered Minds” warned us about the internet’s effect on the mind.  After a brief search, I found this quote:

The computer software that’s being rushed into market is training kids to be attention deficit disordered. It’s training them to be impulsive, to have meager finger control because they’re just using a small part of their motor system. These are the hallmarks of attention deficit disorder.

Maybe this explains the market behavior of the internet clique…


It’s a producer-eat-producer world…

A member of the NARAS and I were talking last week about the plight some of the poor souls wandering around at Atlantis and the comments he made were very interesting to me.  I thought I’d share them with you and I’d welcome your comments if you have any insights or a different point of view…

 According to him, every producer at the Atlantis Conference last week was a “farm leaguer” or “hanger” who was connected (sometimes very loosely) with a 1st-rate producer.  These 1st-rate producers surround themselves with “hangers” and use them to help sort through the myriad of folks who want to be produced.  When he finds something he wants, he may throw a mention in the credits to the hanger who brought him the act, but hardly ever will he share the single or album credits.  So everyone who is a “hanger” has very little chance of ever getting their own big break, yet they continue to work hard for the “man.” 


Synchronicity Live at Atlantis


Yes, I took this pic.  Sorry, Aric!

Aric Berquist is the founder of Synchronicity Live.  As an independent artist, you need all the exposure you can get.  Aric’s company has an amazing website that allows you to connect artist with audience, both live and asynchronously.  You set up an account (it’s free) and download an adobe flash media encoder, then hook up your camera and get ready to rock!

I haven’t figured out how he makes money yet, or how he keeps groups from broadcasting cover tunes (wouldn’t they owe someone some royalty?)…but from a fan’s point of view, this is really cool.   His site is still in BETA, but they already have over 200 shows and over 3000 fans signed up.  You should sign up too, before he decides to start charging for this…

Get yourself a fashion coach!


 No change in musical style will survive unless it is accompanied by a change in clothing style. Rock is to dress up to.
Frank Zappa


If you want to be the next big star, you’d better wear the right shoes. That’s the message I heard from one panelist at Atlantis this past week. I’m personally not much of a slave to fashion, but I’m not looking to be the next John Mayer, either. It was interesting to study the panel audience at the conference; the rappers looked like rappers, the heavy metal bands looked like metal band members, and the singer/songwriters looked like regular people.

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Catching up…

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