Happy New Year!

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Notice the balance of the major and minor modes in this ancient carol.  For me, Christmas carols are  a musical journey, taken at the same time each year.  They are like ghosts of a much older meaning;  --one that is obscured by many of the modern trends of this season. 

The new year is a cultural manifestation of an astronomical cycle of seasonal significance.  It can be much more, if you're interested in creating new meanings for yourself.  May the spirit of renewal follow you throughout the coming year. 

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Thank You.

As we move closer to the end of the year and take a breather from all the holiday bustle, I’d just like to take a moment and say thank you for coming here and reading my teaching blog.  This has been an open diary and forum to reflect on what’s happening;  –mainly in the music industry side of things.  I’ve pondered opening a music theory “House of Pancakes” blog to deal with the first year theory curriculum (the most important of all things!)….but I barely have time during the day to reflect upon the music industry side.  I would encourage my colleagues to try this education blogging;  –it opens lines of communication and expands my classroom and my thinking.  That can be a really good thing when you’re a stuffy old college professor who’s over twice the age of his students.  Some old geezer who wears a tie most days and needs to clean up his office;  –that’s me. 

In other news, I recorded with the Digidesign tape saturation plugin.   I stuck it on a master fader track and would have to say that my first impression is that I like it, but I need more time to really figure out what it can do.  It’s an expensive plug-in but Santa was pretty good this year.  

Posting has been and will continue to be light this week as I’ve been doing a lot of traveling and holiday chores w/ family. 

 And thanks again for reading.  I really appreciate it!

If you’d like to read a post about gratitude with grace, I’d recommend Louis Schmier’s holiday post.



Christmas Eve goodies

Campus Downloading offers a free DVD to help educate students and stop illegal downloading on your campus.

Music Thing showcases the free Tony-B Flash music game.

New Music Strategies posts its Year in Review of 2007.

Listenerd links to an article from UK about Apple’s upcoming ability to prevent your hearing loss from Ipods and Iphones.

Guitar Flame posts a disturbing Ozzy/Jessica Simpson Christmas video.  Doesn’t Ozzy’s voice sound computerized?  I know some call Kelli Osborne the “Auto-tune Queen”.

Good Musician is scared of child prodigies…

The secret code hidden in the 12 Days of Christmas.

DMMobile has Christmas Studio-building pics… I can’t think of a better Christmas present!  Are you listening, Santa?

I’m off to Mom and Dads’ and 2 Christmas Eve services.

Merry Christmas, everybody!



Holiday Havoc

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Even though things get a little rushed this time of year, I hope you take a moment to count your blessings and be thankful that you’re not stuck on an asteroid somewhere out in the far reaches of the universe.  

*Quickstop Entertaiment is giving away a free download of this Jonathan Coulton hit tune, if you’re interested.  It’s been given the stamp of approval *(i.e. LEGAL) from JoCo himself.

FCC lifts media cross-ownership ban in US


This means Clear Channel can start buying newspapers, right?  

Future of Music blog is pretty confident that this is a win for big business.  Perhaps it will be a fresh reinvention of radio and newspapers…like a cell phone edition that calls you up every day, tells you the latest gossip with your favorite song playing in the background while AC Nielsen records your GPS coordinates and bankcard balances.  (Just kidding, AC!)  🙂

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Guess what Santa’s bringing the media industry this Christmas?  An affirmation that intellectual property has specific ownership and rights that supercede what some say is a public’s right to free content.  Read more about USB’s acceptance of  DRM checks for video content.  This means that Hollywood and multimedia developers can hope for a brighter future (unless you believe a hack is already being developed).

Read more about USB and DRM here:

What happens if the pirates win? 

  Read about China’s story here: 


Let’s Help Listenerd Kick Some Butt!!


There are only 2 days left to vote in Hypebot’s Best Music News Blog poll and my favorite underdog needs your help!  

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 Where else can you go on the internet to find rockin’ videos of phonographs playing AND a pithy Colbertesque synopsis  of all the music news that’s worth reading?   You certainly won’t find that here… 🙂

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