Wednesday Blogroll

Feb 2008 Eclipse from Troy, Alabama

Bloody Red Moon Alert!    (An eclipse pic from my house).

Top things to bring with you for a recording gig. (fun list from Matt at AudioGeekZine).

More progress on the studio at Gemini Pines (new pics are up!)  (DMMobile Studio).

Earfarm blew my mind with this post about Prokofiev’s Alexandre Nevsky score (earliest music video).  This movie sorta helped start the Cold War (from the Russian side);  –I need to show it to my classes! (Actually, I own a copy!).

MediaFuturist’s new book is out…go buy Music 2.0!

It was only a matter of time before someone offered a sample library of the Balinese Gamelan orchestra (thanks, Harmony Central).

What on earth are you ever going to do with all those old vinyl records in your closet?  Our Digital Music has a suggestion.   Analog=Art.

GuitarFlame has suggestions for increasing your blog’s traffic (hey,  I should probably go re-read that one!). 

Paul and Storm are out to win Jonathan Coulton’s T-Shirt Design Contest.  (That’s not how the Godfather of Geek Rock really looks, Paul…)

ProtoolsTraining Blog reminds us how to set up time-saving templates.

Moozek has discovered nifty new ProTools keyboard covers!

That’s about it, folks…  Happy Wednesday!

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