9 thoughts on “John Cage’s Influence

  1. Some time during the 80s I was living in West Oakland, for a short time, playing in a band that did sort of avant garde, loud, atonal, jazz, rock-for lack of a better term. Anyway, Cage was giving a lecture in San Francisco and on some left of the dial radio station, I heard that there were tickets available. I went over there and stood in line but, the tickets sold out a few people before my turn.
    John Cage sold out. No kidding.
    While I was standing in line, I started talking to a guy about guitars and stuff. Turned out it was Henry Kaiser. Pretty cool but, I really wish I would have had the chance to hear Cage speak.

  2. He’s a good role model for thinking outside the musical box. Guys like him always sell out in California.


  3. The most interesting part is that I guess he really believes in his artistic acts, I mean, for me it is difficult to call it music, but hey, so is heavy metal for some. After all we need to be a bit open minded, even if it is not that easy.

  4. Hadn’t seen that one… looks like it’s filled to the brink with hot-buttered indeterminancy!!

    I think one of those mutes is out-of-tune….


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