AI meets Music Search Engine

I’m sure a lot of you know much more about Artificial Intelligence than I do, but I just ran across Ranier Typke’s search engine; .

The search engine is very cool:  you can search by typing in notes, rhythms or contours and the engine returns other songs that have the exact material or closely related material.  The results  range from classical to modern (pop) songs.   For example,  Beethoven’s 5th theme (G- G- G- Eb,  F-F-F-D) returned over 10 pages of results, including ACDC’s Highway to Hell and the Mamas & Papas’ California Dreamin’.

The science behind this is very cool and reminds me of the Celemony upgrade that I’m still waiting on;  Direct Note Access. 

The folks at the Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence have a few more things coming down the pike.  For example, they’ve been studying the recordings of expert pianists to discern what makes a performance artistic:

The principal goal of this work is to learn more about this
complex artistic activity by measuring expressive aspects
such as timing, dynamics, etc. in large numbers of recordings
by famous musicians (currently: pianists) and using
AI techniques — mainly from machine learning and data
mining — to analyze these data and gain new insights for
the field of performance research.  (Source = abstract, O¨FAI website, VIENNA)

It’s just one more step towards being able to buy a guitar or piano that will make you play in the style of “(insert famous artist name)”…

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