Wednesday Woes

Just a little inspiration for me to make it to the weekend. Or to start a band called “Thirst-n-Howl”. Anyway, my apologies for the lack of posts; my mother is in the local hospital ICU with pneumonia. We all have our fingers crossed, but everyone is doing all they can. Sometimes things pile up and you have to neglect your responsibilities (like writing “Thank You” cards and getting them in the mail)!

There’s lots of potential for irony here, but I assure you all that I’m in a fairly happy mood. Worried, but happy. And speaking of happy; -Happy Ash Wednesday!

Help Wanted – Apply now!

I just got a notice that we have been approved for another faculty position in music industry/general music.  This position was advertised in December, but due to budget worries, we weren’t sure if it would actually be filled.  Now it’s a go.

Assistant Professor of Music/Audio Engineer

Assistant Professor of Music – Audio Engineer Troy University invites applications for a full time, tenure-track Assistant Professor of Music Audio Engineer in the Music Department on the Troy Campus. Responsibilities include teaching audio production and studio management/maintenance courses to undergraduate and graduate students; managing and developing audio production facilities within a growing music industry program working in collaboration with faculty colleagues in the School of Music; managing the School of Music concert/recital recording services; teaching additional courses as appropriate meeting the needs of the School of Music; engaging in scholarly/creative activities leading to regional/national visibility and contributing to a university vision of internationalization and interdisciplinary collaboration. Advising students and appropriate university services are expected. Qualifications: Energetic, dynamic, outstanding musician/audio engineer with production skills in a variety of genres and settings including American popular music; terminal degree or equivalent professional experience preferred; demonstrated excellence in teaching at the university of industry level is preferred; excellent communication and interpersonal skills; professional audio production experience required. Salary is commensurate with experience. Send letter of application, current curriculum vitae, three letters of recommendation and media documenting audio production work in a variety of genres and settings to Human Resources, 107 Wright Hall, Troy, AL 36082. Review of applications will begin immediately and will continue until the position is filled. The start date will be August 2009. Troy University is an AA/EEO employer and encourages applications from individuals with disabilities, women, African Americans, and other minorities.

Grammy musings

According to some, tonight is the music industry’s most important annual event.  I’m not sure anymore.  Just because I belong to said group, it doesn’t mean that I agree that the old guard has ability to move and shake the audiences anymore.  Here are some play-by-play comments, in whatever order I remember them.  I apologize in advance for being overly critical to your favorite performers.  I didn’t nominate anyone this year, btw.  Too much going on.

1.  If I were Ms. Underwood’s banjo player, I’d be wondering who unplugged me.

2.  The Raconteurs were robbed.

3.  Taylor Swift’s microphone rocks really hard.  It blows Miley’s off the stage.  That Taylor 12 string is pretty cool, too.  Their backup band is playing offstage.  Why?  These folks are the real stars.

4.  Jennifer Hudson’s having sound problems.  Or is she overpowering that Shure microphone…

5.  Kid Rock’s songs seem more intelligent.  Or am I losing brain cells…

6.  Stevie Wonder brought his clavinet.  It’s too bad he didn’t leave the Jonas Brothers at home.

7.  Allison Krauss and Robert Plant are having a great night.  It’s funny, though, ’cause she’s always been a champion of independent artists/labels.

8.  I can’t believe the Katy Perry choreography.  It’s like a bad Veggie Tales nightmare.

9.  Blink 182 is getting back together?  Now that these guys are middle-aged, what kind of audience will turn out to hear songs about teen angst?  Or will they sing about the economy?  Can anyone really revive the 4 powerchord neopunk band?  I guess if Justin Timberlake still gets asked to sing, then anything’s possible.

10.  Adele beat out a bunch of tough competitors.  Way to go!  Now go buy yourself one of those microphones like Taylor Swift had.

11.  Radiohead is obviously getting a Yamaha marching brass and percussion endorsement.    Why do I think of Tom Waits everytime I see/hear their stuff?  I’m not sure that’s a flattering association.  Remember when Johnny Cash gave the finger to Nashville?  Deja vu.

12.  A pregnant M.I.A. plus the Rap (Rat) Pack?  This is an example of a collaboration that looked good on paper but didn’t live up to anyone’s expectations.

13.  Every performer get’s to play to the armwaving section.  This is obviously where the Recording Academy interns go during the Grammy awards.

14.  Neal Portnow is claiming that our new president is “on board” with recording academy interests, since he has two grammys himself.  I have doubts about the creation of a new “Secretary of the Arts” cabinet position based on the award given to the author of a spoken-word book.

15.  The Four Tops;  now this is the best performance so far and the “arms” section isn’t reacting to “Reach Out”.  Oh, the irony!  Those darned kids and their rock music….

16.  The Grammy sponsors are Oil of Olay and Target.  Where’s Walmart?

17.  There must be some monitor issues.  Neil Diamond would never wander pitchwise singing “Sweet Caroline”, even on an off-night.

16.  Back to the Beatle moment;  I believe that Sir Paul sang “I Saw Her Standing There” in the original key.  Should have taken that band on the run down about two whole steps….

17.  I just now remembered that Al Green duet with Justin Timberlake.  Al’s got a great voice.  Justin’s outmatched.

18.  Is this a Rap Tribute to New Orleans?  Somehow rap and Dixieland don’t mix that well.  If I became a rap star, would I have to chose an initial name or just add Lil’ in front?

19.  Jack Black wins the “Most Undersized Hat” award.  I guess the Rogaine isn’t working out.

20. It’s T’Bone Burnett’s guitar and an overmiked bass drum featuring Robert Plant and Alison Krauss.  How come Alison get’s a fan to blow her hair and Robert doesn’t get one?  This is a minimalist sound.

21.  Green Day gets to hand out the final Grammy?  Hmmm…  Alison Krauss and Robert Plant win.  And her microphone magically drops down 6 inches, making her look like a very tall person.  Why can’t they just raise the darned thing?  Didn’t Atlas have one of those hydraulic stands that won’t fall?

22. My wife thinks Stevie Wonder looks like the Predator from the “Governator” movie of the same name.

OK,  it’s a wrap.  Pink got robbed, BTW.  I forgot to add that.



My father’s passing

On Saturday morning, January 31st, 2009, J.P. Jinright of Troy passed away at Troy Regional Medical Center.  He was born April 2nd, 1915 in Josie, Alabama and was a lifelong resident of Pike County.  He joined the army and served over five years in the South Pacific as an radio-aircraft detection operator during World War II.  He retired as chief of campus security at Troy University after many years of service.  He was an active member of Williams Memorial Presbyterian Church since its inception and was a faithful member of the Pike County Gideons.

He was preceded in death by his parents, Joel, Irene (stepmother), and Jessie Brown Jinright (mother), and brothers Carl, Carroll, Howard and sister Valley Mae Barr.  He is survived by his wife, Ruth, and his son John Jinright, daughter-in-law, Penny, and their children, Jessica and Tessa, all of Troy.  Other living family members include his sister-in-law Ila Jinright and her sons in Phenix City, nieces Betty Powell, Elizabeth Dansby, Marie Vonfeldt, and Regina Hartzog and their families.  Nephews include: Buren Barr, Morris Barr, Adrian Barr, Pat Barr, Noah Jinright, and Ray Jinright.

Visitation will occur from 4 PM to 6 PM on Tuesday, February 3rd with a funeral service beginning at 6 PM in the Green Hills Chapel.  The Rev. Dave Kirby will officiate.